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American Dreamers 1998

September 28, 2009, 3:48 pm
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In December of 1998, The Deseret News of Utah, featured a story about Mr. Jahanbin on front page of their Education section.  The staff reporter is clearly oblivious of how Payman was really using "current events to teach his students," as we see in chapter 10, "I did not have sex with that women Monica Lewinsky."

I can promise you, graduates of that class are well-informed, staunch, liberal Democrats. I would have been fired promptly, at any other school, ceremoniously excommunicated and stoned to death.


Eesa was in the class that spanned the Clinton impeachment. As with the rest of the world, my students could not understand all the fuss over a little ‘spanky spanky.’ The Somali ladies made good use of their colorful scarves to hide their giggles. Especially during the infamous ‘stained dress’ episode, the scarves would be adjusted to cover their mouths almost in unison. It was a great, long ‘teachable moment.’ - Excerpted from Camel Jockey Go Home.


American Dreamer, Deseret News, 1998 (580px, full page 1200px, PDF)

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