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Zarchive & Farsi News

This topic holds original Farsi reports from www.peiknet.com  because they do not publish in individual pages.

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JadidOnline.com Last Updated on 2009-09-28 10:22:31 Current Multimedia on Iran Click here for English version. Jadid Online publishes reports by a new generation of journalists, mainly from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, pioneering new forms of multimedia journalism. They provide original snapshots of life in their societies in multimedia formats, from new angles, offering new voices and images.    Multimedia reporting is an emerging form of journalism worldwide, combining elements of text, audio, video and photography. Digital technology, and the growth of the internet are radically changing people’s usage of the media, allowing them to access media on demand and publish their own multimedia material. Jadid online is produced by Jadid Media, which is an independent company with public service aims. It was set up in 2005, and specialises in media development, training, and production with a focus on Iran, Afghanistan,... More »
Book Preview Last Updated on 2009-09-20 13:30:16 .. More »
About Go Home Camel Jockey Last Updated on 2009-05-13 00:00:00 Camel Jockey Go Home is a chuckle a minute memoir by an Iranian ‘expat’ who, armed with a degree in Street Theatre from London, lands in Salt Lake City just in time for the Iranian Hostage Crisis. It is the true story of Payman Jahanbin, who finds himself teaching American English (as in grammar) to American kids, in The Salt Lake City School District immediately following the 444 days of the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  It is a gut-funny, colorful, first person narrative of a Persian ‘blue blood’ beginning in his early 20’s, navigating a new life and career in The Mormon Zion, Utah Sharp-tongued political commentary juxtaposes the petty politics of the Mormon community and the “corrupt old Muslim thugs” that "took over my country". The reader experiences the Iranian revolution and the Iran Iraq war and subsequent purges as it... More »